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Jessica Hayes and Dee Dee Danage Heros of the day per caller today.

(Drivers listed left to right: Jessica Hayes, Leticia Ramirez, Dee Dee Danage, Christa Lowery, Josefa Juarez, Hannah Poe, Chrissy Barbee, Henry Slape, Alex Loredo, Wilson Medina, Jose Gomez. In front Terri Medina, Owner and Lisa Sylvas Dispatcher)

On March 30, 2023 I received a phone call from a client who rode with our services. He wanted to thank Jessica Hayes and Dee Dee Danage for their excellent service that they provided for him while loading and unloading him on his electric wheelchair. Jessica drives one of our 2017 Dodge Caravan conversions and his chair wasn't working well going up and down the ramp he felt that she "saved his life " by assisting him in the way she did so he could make his appointment. He has not been able to go to an appointment for over 3 years now. He was so appreciative that he wants to get the community together to gather donations for another van like you see in the background with a hydraulic lift for easier entry. I have big visions for the Lea County area and adding a wheelchair accessible shuttle service is part of it so people can get out and do more for themselves and not feel shut in any longer. I would love to have a shuttle bus that goes to Lubbock weekly so we can take several people to their appointments at once and just spend the day their making sure they are getting taken care of without costing them a fortune. This company started as a dream in 2018 and came to fruition in 2019 just before COVID. It was just my husband and I and one van. We have come a long way but I still see a great future here in Lea county. Thanks to all who have used our services in the past and if you haven't try us out and see what family is all about.

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